SEO Tools

Our SEO Platform is a robust kit to help you kick start your SEO projects. Whether to increase your LOCAL SEO presence or to sustain your GLOBAL reach, we have the right tool to keep you going and make you successful.

Our complete SEO toolkit

Site Audit
  • Keyword Research 
    • Get Suggestions
    • Spy on Competitors
    • Keywords from Search Console 
    • Keyword Basket
  • Internal Links Optimization
    • Link Text Analysis 
    • Page Authority Analysis 
    • Landing Page Analysis
  • Technical Audit
  • SEO Analysis
    • Tool Summary 
    • On-Site Issues Overview
    • Landing Pages Overview 
    • Landing Page SEO
    • Page Speed 
    • Mobile Optimization 
    • Popular Pages
  • Sitemap Generation

 Link Building
  • Backlink Quality Check
    • Tool Summary
    • Competitor Link Profile
    • Linking Domains
    • Backlinks
    • Lost Backlinks
    • Link Texts
    • My Most Linked Pages
    • Toxic Links
  • Competitor Backlink Spy
  • Chosen Links Watch
    • Tool Summary 
    • Tracked Links 
    • Tracked Link Effectiveness 
  • Content Submission
    • Tool Summary
    • Automatic
    • Standard
    • Local
    • eCommerce
    • Content
    • Blog
    • PPC
    • Submission Results

 Social Analytics
  • Social Engagement
    • Tool Summary
    • Social Citations
    • Competitor Social Citations
    • Social Traffic
  • Facebook Insights
    • Tool Summary
    • Niche Popular Topics
    • Page Metrics
    • Page Demographics

 Full and Detailed SEO Report  
Website Visibility Report: Analytics and Ranking Distribution 

Ranking Review , Traffic Resources and Website Technical Audit Report 

Social Media Engagement and Web Buzz Report

On Page Optimisation Report with individual guidelines for specific landing pages and Backlinks


Our Quick Start Guides

  • Our own in house Quick Start Guide designed to get you up and running fast. Start at page 1, work to page 8 (approx. 20 minutes) and you have started the process and have an understanding of the steps required. Continue from page 9 and complete the SEO implementation (approx. 4 hours). Now start the changes required and start the maintenance phase

  • 10 How-to guides showing you exactly what you need to be doing at every step of the process. From keyword research to backlink toxicity every step of the process is shown along with screen shots and notes on the perfect tips to get your site ranking


  • 12 Checklists designed to be printed and pasted near your work space. Start at number 1, cross off the items as you complete them. These checklists mirror the process in our technology and ensure you follow the steps to get the results you need

Choose Your Level of Support

  • All users get email support and access to our client forum allowing you to ask questions of our in house experts
  • Pro Level and package clients get phone support which allows you to get an SEO expert on the phone to respond to specific questions