Step-by-Step Recommendations

This SEO Optimisation Report tool gives you step-by-step guides on what changes may need to be made on your website to get it ranking on Google and other search engines. The system checks every page of your site and compares it to the keyword and provides a straigh forward report with recommendations on what needs to be done to improve the SEO of your site. Once you have set up your unique key-words, you can learn-as-you-go by following the report recommendations, implement the changes to maximise your SEO efforts and learn at the same time.
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On Page Optimisation

On page optimisation (SEO Analysis) will give you the information you need to optimise your content and help it rank higher. You yourself, can make the changes to your website to improve its overal search ranking position. The following is a small snapshot of over 100 checks performed in the analysis. 
  • Page Optimisation
  • Critical SEO Issues
  • Page Speed Score
  • Google mobile friendliness
  • Mobile Page Speed Score    
  • Broken Links to fix    

Get an Overview of the On-Site Issues

This report allows you to check your website's page elements for correct optimisation, issues like: 
  • Duplicate Title Tags
  • Missing or Duplicate Title Descriptions
  • H1 Headings
  • Alt Tags Attributes 
  • Structure of Your Pages' URL
  • Presence or Absence of XML SiteMap
  • Presence or Absence of Robots.txt
  • Quantity of Outgoing Links

Check your landing page SEO

Maximise the SEO Analysis tool of our SelfServiceSEO and find out which of your website's pages need fixing.  This will tell you exactly where to put your targeted keywords. 

Analyse your page site speed

Google has indicated site page speed as one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Slower page speed could negatively affect your indexation so it is important to keep track of this Google Ranking Factor.  

Forty percent (40%) of online visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (ref: Akamai and study). Without a doubt, when your visitors’ user-experience is affected, so is your ranking and ultimately your conversion rate and lead generation activities.

Consider making the necessary changes on each page following the sample recommendations below. 

Check your website's mobile responsiveness and optimisation

 Stats from SmartInsights show 20% of Google searches are now being performed on Smartphones and Androids.  

Find out how well your website works across mobile services.

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