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Four simple SEO Techniques Every Manager Should Know

Four simple SEO Techniques Every Manager Should Know

The demand for SEO result is greater than ever and with so many false promises, expensive “solutions” and mis-information, how can you cut through the noise and get the results you need?

Our prediction for 2017 is the snake oil salesmen will start to get caught out as business owners realise the false promises and over price efforts are yielding average results. Smart business managers will quickly achieve better results in less time once they learn the quick steps to SEO freedom.

Here are the steps every business manager needs to know about SEO.



  1. Research the keywords real people enter into search engines. (Keyword Research)
    Don't believe the external consultants, check for yourself. Focus on your keywords and check for traffic in the region you want to find customers. Anyone can rank for widgets in Iceland, but who sells stuff into Iceland?
  2. Check what your competitors are targeting
    It is quite likely your competitors are chasing the same type of search traffic you are. So take a quick peek at what keywords they are optimised for and then compare to your own chosen keywords.

Current Ranking (Ranking Check)

  1. See where you rank now
    To see the future you have to know where you are now. Check your current rankings and record them, then once you start to make changes you can measure the improvement. Note, you cannot check your keyword rankings by just doing a search. The results that appear to you are based on your previous search and click history. So the results are tainted. Use a professional SEO rank tracking tool.
  2. Compare to your competitors
    Again a good measure is where you rank compared to your competitors. This also serves as a handy measure to check your progress. Whose rank is improving, yours or the competitors?

What to change? (Optimisation Report)

  1. Analyse your current site and get an easy to read, simple to follow report on what to change
    Now you have start point, it’s time to start optimising. An optimisation report will show you what needs to change site wide, or on specific keyword landing pages. Just follow the instructions and hey presto, your ranking and traffic will improve.
  2. Implement the step-by-step recommendations of the report.
    Just do the changes. It is simple and easy.

Check your progress (Automated Email Reports)

  1. Track and analyse your ranking over time.
  2. Compare to competitors
  3. Analyse your traffic vs the competitors

So now it is all about measure, measure, measure. Continue to evolve your knowledge and follow the recommendations. Like all good business KPI, it needs to be measured and tracked.

The above tips are exactly the process we built into.

Forget the hype, over sell and snake oil sales techniques of SEO companies. This easy to use toolset provides the tools, tips and techniques to either in house your SEO and produce real results or get a kick start from our consultants and then self manage your search results. Act Now. Contact Us HERE.

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