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Google advises - How to Boost your SEO with an SSL Certificate

Google advises - How to Boost your SEO with an SSL Certificate

Who knows better than Google about how to improve search ranking.  They have, for a few years now, advised every website owner to add an SSL certificate to lift the ranking of a domain and provide a more secure visitor experience, could this really be an easy way to lift your rankings?

Yes Yes Yes.

Google’s own research shows over 79 of every 100 websites don’t yet have an SSL certificate to help improve their digital reputation and ranking. Since 2014 Google has made every effort to tell people an SSL cert is a sure fire way to improve their online reputation and ranking. A March 2016 report from Wired Magazine reports the same lack of action from even top brands. 

So why are people ignoring this?

Speaking to our technical experts we find the business people typically ask for an SSL cert and get a long winded response about CSR (a what?), time to install (long), cost of purchase (high) and the usual techno mumbo jumbo, no wonder they quickly lose interest.

We agree with Google (who wouldn’t?), SSL is important for ranking success.

We decided it was time to act and help you improve your ranking by removing the complexity from the problem (our usual MO I am proud to say).

As with most things in this space, we have done it hundreds of times, have the knowledge and the skill and can do it quickly. As a result we are able to reduce the investment on this service from over $100 plus the certificate license (between $59 and $399)  down to an amazing $79 including the certificate. Some might say it is a Christmas offer, we just think it makes good sense to give the secure web bandwagon a little momentum.

Maybe you don’t need this?

BTW, now is a good time to check if you already have an SSL certificate. Just put https:// in front of your website name and if you see a small green lock icon, stop reading, you are all set. If you see anything else, carry on to find out how we can help you quickly resolve this issue.

But if you do need to have a better online reputation:

Our crack team of technical experts who understand SSL, websites and servers, but also all the steps to have a top quality SSL Certificate installed for you in record time. This will ensure Google acknowledges you as a site who cares about your online reputation and your visitor safety. Hey presto they reward you by imporving your ranking. 

How much higher will I rank?

Anyone involved in SEO (except the offshore, snake oil, SSEO sales people) will tell you nothing in SEO is certain, Google holds all the cards and they make that decision. All we know is they recommend you do it, and as we say, they hold all the cards, so why would you ignore the free advice from the world’s largest search engine?

What happens now?

Sign up below and give us some basic details (or hit reply to this email advising the domain) and we take care of the rest. In under 24 hours you will have your very own shiny new SSL certificate shouting loud to the world (and Google) “we are respectable give us better ranking”. 

The technical stuff

The certificate we will install for you will be using (TLS 1.2) and strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA), with strong cipher (AES_256_GCM).

Let's discuss your SEO needs. Click HERE to get started.

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I really loved using it. It makes me feel I am an SEO professional and has really improved traffic to my website.

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