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We recognised right from the beginning, the search market was a game changer. We built SEO tools directly into our CMS solution allowing clients to get all the benefits of organic search, without the need for the expensive smoke and mirrors offered by many SEO providers. We also developed processes, checklists and how-to guides designed to get your own team members quickly up to speed in delivering quality SEO solutions.


Now we've separated the SEO tools from the CMS and are offering our expertise as a stand-alone SEO platform. This includes all the checklists, how-to guides and help desk support as our in-house team accesses. All of this allows you to be the in-house SEO expert at your organisation delivering the results your business deserves.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe a website, newsletters or search engine optimisation should be revenue positive. Whatever you spend on your website should be more than returned via increased leads and new prospects.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn't. If your current website doesn't give you a positive return then why not re-evaluate?

We understand the importance of branding and credibility. We know it is possible to achieve good branding while making your website the best lead generation tool you have. Our toolkit will help you reach more customers.


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What a difference it made having someone who can explain and educate while providing a superior service

Google Ranking search engine SEO work for Keith Logan - Sydney Harbour Boating completed by Self Service SEO
Keith Logan - Sydney Harbour Boating